Learn how to sell your NFTs.

How do royalty function works on Artrific?

NFTs can be programmed so that each transaction includes creator earnings, allowing creators to be rewarded fairly for their work online.

The fact that NFTs are created and stored on the blockchain, means they can be traded seamlessly from wallet to wallet, with creator earnings paid every time they move.
This guide explains how to set creator earnings up to 10% in the Artrific collection editor, and breaks down when you can expect creator earnings on future transactions.
To set your royalties, simply go to your collection editor and adjust the percentage field. You can set a percentage of up to 10%.
Then the royalty will automatically be sent to your wallet address right after sale is done. You can check it on My NFT page.

How do I sell an NFT?

  • On the header menu, go to My NFT.
  • Then choose an NFT that you want to sell.
  • Then Click button List for Sale on the NFT detail page.
You'll be taken to the listing page, where you can choose the price and type of sale.
A Fixed Price sale is one where the price stays fixed. In the screenshot below, the price is fixed at 500 FUSE.

How do timed auctions work?

Auctions can be an exciting way to sell your NFT.
Artrific allows you to sell an NFTs as an Sell to highest bidder auction, you can set a reserve price. If you don't receive any bids equal to or greater than your reserve price, the auction will end without a sale.
Any bids made in the last 10 minutes of an auction will extend each auction by 10 more minutes. Popular auctions are often extended by new bids offered in the last 10 minutes.
The seller cannot cancel the auction when there is a bid made by any another user. After an auction ends, the Seller or the winner of the auction has to click "Settle" to complete the auction.
Here is the simple steps to do it.
  1. 1.
    Click Sell then you choose Timed Auction
2. Set Minimum Bid
3. Add duration for the auction
4. Click Complete
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